The Various Pros and Cons of Eye Surgery

Eye surgery or LASIK eye surgery is a process or surgical procedure which involves the correction of sight so that people do not have to wear eye glasses or contact lenses any more. This is one of the most popular eye correction procedures in the world and is becoming increasingly popular.

While the benefits are obvious and highly convincing, there are certain drawbacks as well to this corrective procedure. Like any other medical procedure or surgery, risks are involved and these risks may sometimes lead people to opt out of the procedure after initial inclination. The following are the various pros and cons of eye surgery which you should know about:

pros and cons of eye surgeryPros of Eye Surgery:

Better Visual Acuity

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of getting an eye surgery is that it makes way for better eye sight and visual acuity. Most of the patients experience an immediately improvement in vision after going through the LASIK procedure.

No More Wearing Glasses or Lenses

Another benefit of eye surgery or LASIK surgery is that it makes it possible for you to ditch your glasses or your lenses. This helps to improve your appearance and gain back your confidence. It changes your look completely and eliminates the hassle of putting glasses or inserting lenses every day.

No More Risk of Infection from Contact Lenses

When you apply or wear contact lenses, then there is always a risk of getting hurt, hurting your cornea, dry eyes, toxin and allergen exposure to eyes and other such things. But when you get LASIK done, then all these problems vanish and you no longer have to worry about irritating problems and improper lens fitting.

Cons of Eye Surgery:

Night Vision Issues

One of the major disadvantages of eye surgery is that it can cause night vision related problems. Some people may experience halos, nighttime glare and an increased sensitivity to bright lights. While these problems usually get resolved within a few weeks or months, they still are a negative. But in some cases, these issues may persist for an extended period of time.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

Subconjunctival hemorrhages or the condition in which there are red spots on the white area of the eyes is another side effect or negative effect of getting an eye surgery or LASIK done. These red spots are actually bruises which can be caused due to the effect of the suction ring that is used to clamp the eye open. These red spots may last for not more than a week but in some cases, they may last longer. They do not hurt the vision but may be visible to others.

Dry Eyes

Another drawback or negative associated with an eye surgery is that it can cause the eyes to become extremely dry and this lasts for weeks and sometimes even months. The doctor may suggest eye drops to relieve this issue but these drops have to be used every few hours and this can be a little problematic for some.