Pros and cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures that are present in the human anal canal and helps in the control of stool. When these structures enlarge and become inflamed and swollen, the medical condition is termed as piles and can be really painful.

There are various treatment options for hemorrhoids and if the condition is not very severe, it can be cured with medicines. Surgery is considered when Hemorrhoids are very painful and are bleeding.

There are various surgery options as well like hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and laser. All the methods are different and here we will discuss about the laser surgery part in detail.

laser hemorrhoid surgery

During laser therapy, laser rays are used to burn away the affected tissues. Instead of the actual scalpel, the doctor uses the laser scalpel that vaporizes the soft tissues having excess water volume.


There are various benefits of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery which are mentioned below

  • Laser hemorrhoid surgery is not too painful and hence, it is the preferred choice amongst many. Moreover, the hospitalization of the patient is not required and he or she is discharged on the same day.
  • It is a very safe process as there is no usage of smoke and steam involved and there is also no sparking.
  • The biggest advantage of this technique is, there is minimum bleeding and all the blood vessels actually get sealed by the laser.
  • Also the tissues surrounding the affected tissues are not damaged unlike in other surgeries where these damaged tissues can lead to further severe complications. Laser surgery in this case can actually prevent the occurrence of further medical complications. While a wide laser beam can be used to kill a large swathe tissue, a narrow beam can be used for the cutting purpose. Hence, when it comes to laser hemorrhoid surgery, the options are many.
  • The healing in this case is faster and effective.


Laser treatment for hemorrhoid has some side effects as well which are mentioned below:

  • Enhancing the chances of herpes simplex virus that can cause genital herpes and cold sores
  • Excessive bleeding in some cases (not all).
  • Infection post surgery and pain at the rectum
  • Scarring marks and skin pigmentation changes (UMMC)
  • Treatment might not be effective all the time, repeated procedure might be needed
  • Often the patient is needed to give general anesthesia that has a different set of risk factor altogether.

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Pros and cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery