Everything you Need to Know about Adult Diapers

An adult diaper is a term which is used to refer to a diaper which is meant for the adults.  There are many reasons why an adult may wear a diaper and some of them include mobility impairment, dementia, excessive diarrhea and incontinence.

There are many kinds of adult diapers-while some are made similar to regular child diapers, others may be more like underpants. Often, the term ‘briefs’ is used to refer to these diapers in order to maintain dignity of the patient or person who is to use them.

everything you need to know about adult diapers

The Following are Some of the Main Uses of Adult Diapers:


If a person is suffering from severe incontinence, then he/she may be asked to wear an adult diaper to avoid creating a mess especially when not at home.

Mobility Impairment

Those who cannot move around very much and need to go to the toilet on their beds only may also need to wear these diapers.

Use for Astronauts

The concept of an adult diaper or space diaper is also being used by NASA and is made to be used by astronauts during long spacewalks. These diapers can last for 6 hours and may prove useful in low gravity conditions where it may not be possible to excrete otherwise.

Excessive Diarrhea

Another way in which an adult diaper proves very useful for those who may be suffering from an excessive or severe kind of diarrhea. These individuals may be on bed rest and may have to use the adult diaper due to the rapid frequency of motions.

Disadvantages of Using Adult Diapers:

  • Using adult diapers on a regular basis or for a prolonged period of time can be harmful for the skin as it can cause rashes, allergies and infections. They are mostly made of synthetic material,chemicalgels and dyes which may react with sensitive skin and can increase the chances of rashes.  On the other hand, cloth diapers may work a little better but they may not be that good at absorbing liquid and may lead to infections.
  • Not all adults may be very comfortable or welcoming to the idea of wearing diapers and it may be very difficult to convince them because of pride issues. This is a major disadvantage of this product. It can be embarrassing for adults to wear diapers and they may refuse to use them.
  • Some people tend to get addicted to wearing adult diapers because of the convenience they offer and this too can be considered as one of the disadvantages of this product.

How is an Adult Diaper Made?

  • Adult diapers are padded, disposable and generally have two layers in them.
  • They are made up of a hydrophobic material which attracts liquid but the outsides of the diapers are made up of hydrophilic liquid which blocks the entry of liquid inside.
  • Most diapers can absorb a lot of liquid and may work for 6 hours or more. But a good diaper must not leak for a long time and should not feel uncomfortable on being a little full.