Cosmetic Surgery Too Far- The Internal Bra

A new cosmetic surgery procedure dubbed “the internal bra” has been the subject of debate recently after the UK press and online community questioned whether the procedure was too extreme.

The procedure involves attaching silk straps to silicone cups and then screwing the straps on to the patient’s rib cage, literally hoisting the implants up. pointed out that sometimes women like to come home, put some comfy clothes on and take their uncomfortable bra off – patients with a bra screwed on to their ribs would never be able to experience this relief.

cosmetic surgery for internal bra

Only three patients in the UK have undergone the procedure and it seems as though women are not warming to the idea of having an actual bra (albeit made of silicone and silk) screwed on to their skeleton and sitting under their skin.

It sounds like an extreme procedure and perhaps a step too far for women who want to have “the perfect breasts” but surgeons have said that in fact “the internal bra”, or to give it its proper name- the “Orbix Breast Support System”, has been designed for women who want a breast reduction, rather than women who want bigger breasts.

The Daily Mail reported how, instead of having traditional breast reduction surgery to help with back pain and discomfort, patients might soon be able to opt for “the internal bra” instead, to give support and to lift their breasts.

Not everybody is convinced though, The Independent reported how cosmetic surgeons are sceptical of the procedure, because it has not been tested enough and has not yet been approved in the US. According to The Daily Mail article, the surgery costs £1,000 more than traditional breast augmentation… is it just another way for the cosmetic surgery industry to make more money?

It seems as though everyone is looking for the next “big thing” in cosmetic surgery and there might be patients considering this new procedure before the side-effects have even been studied.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s important to do as much research possible into the procedure and into your cosmetic surgeon. If you need to know more about a procedure or organise a free consultation, the MYA web site is a good place to start as they have sections on quality guidelines, regulation and provide other useful resources.

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