5 Most Common Skin Disorders that Flare up in Summers

Summers are not just a difficult time due to the heat, sweating and humidity but also because they bring along a host of medical conditions and skin problems. From blisters to pimples and from rashes to bumps, summer definitely comes along a long list of irritating skin problems which can sometimes be hard to treat.

If you don’t want the skin condition to turn into an infection or become serious, you must treat it as soon as possible. But before this, you must also know that what the most common summer skin conditions are. The following given is the list of the top 6 ones:

common skin disorders that flare up in summers

1. Heat Rash

Heat rash or prickly heat is a common summer related skin ailment in which small bumps appear on the chest, the back and the neck.  They can sometimes be painful and deep as well and may appear and feel like acne.  These break out due to sweating and humidity in excess hot conditions and to avoid them, one must avoid doing anything which results in excess sweating.

2. Swimmer’s Itch

Swimmer’s itch is another very common skin ailment that mostly breaks out in the summers. In this ailment, small, itchy and red bumps or blisters may appear on the skin and these blisters also produce a burning sensation.  This allergy is caused as a reaction to a parasite that is usually found in open water and this is why it gets this name. The parasite enters the skin and causes inflammation. Swimmers have the maximum chance of getting this skin infection.

3. Ragweed

In this skin condition, small, itchy and very bumpy blisters crop up on the skin and the rash may sometimes be accompanied with itchy throat, runny nose and dry eyes. This infection is caused as a reaction to the pollen present in plants and to avoid it, you must stay away from pollen and areas consisting of many plants etc. during summers. Antihistamines are usually a good way to cure this condition.

4. Lyme Disease

This condition may start off with a small and red colored bump but may turn into large plastic feeding bull’s eyes.  If a tick sticks to your skin and bites you, it may transfer harmful bacteria and this is the reason for this condition. An infection may take time to heal up and you may need to take an antibiotic for it.  To avoid getting this condition, wear long sleeved and full clothes when venturing into wooden areas. If you see a tick moving on your skin, make sure to remove it quickly.

5. Athlete’s Foot

White, dry, scaly and patchy skin may just be a sign of athlete’s foot skin condition during summers. This condition is caused due to venturing barefoot into areas where fungi might be thriving such as gyms, backyards, pools etc. to avoid it, always wear proper footwear and to cure it, ask your doctor to give you or prescribe antifungal medicine or medication.

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