How Can Food And Mental Games Improve Your Health

Keeping your health in check is important, and there are a few main contributors that can help you with this. Food is possibly the most important, with mental games helping to keep your memory in one piece. Knowing exactly what you need to improve your health when you’re sick, or if you’re in need of a little bit of a boost in your health, then you can turn to our quick guide on what to eat and what mental games to play in order to help improve your health.

Boost Concentration

There are a number of things that you can do to help boost your concentration, and both food and mental games can help with this. Concentration will depend on how to keep the messages flowing freely between the brain cells and in order to do this, you’re going to need to increase your blood sugar in order to give your cells the oxygen that they need. While a steady calorie intake is important throughout the day, it is not always enough to boost your concentration. Omega-3 oils are one of the best ways to help boost your concentration, as they provide a fatty substance called myelin, which helps to boost the nerve fibres in the brain. These Omega-3 oils can be found mainly in oily fish, but also in walnuts, pumpkin and flax seeds. Eating three meals a day can help your concentration, but so can snacks full of omega-3.

Lift Your Mood

One of the most important things for your mental health is ensuring that your mood is lifted, and there are a few foods that can help you to do this. While one of the quickest ways to boost your neurotransmitters is through sugary and fatty foods which will cause a surge in dopamine (a vital feel-good neurotransmitter), these are quickly followed by a sharp drop in mood. Choosing protein-rich foods such as almonds, eggs, meat, grains soybeans and beets are all ways that you can boost your dopamine levels to improve your health – not only will you be eating healthy, protein-rich food, you will also be lifting your mood, ideal for your mental health.

Staying Alert

While coffee is often sought to for a caffeine boost in order to keep people alert, carbohydrates are far more long-term solutions as they create a surge of glucose which can help to keep you awake, far better than a coffee. While a double espresso may make you alert, it can also make you quite anxious, counteracting any productivity that you may have wanted to espresso to have. Staying alert is important in all aspects of life, particularly in work, and playing some mental games can also help you to stay alert. Games such as poker are great for really working your brain and ensuring that everything you do, is done for a reason. While you may want to set about perfecting your poker face, you will need to stay alert during a game of poker in order to catch out any bluffers with their poker tells. As long as you get the right amount of carbohydrates, and keep your mind alert with a few practice runs of the mental game, you may find that both mental games and food can help to boost your health and keep you alert.  If you’re still no good then why not try playing online, there are equal opportunities to build up your confidence and knowledge on both offline and online poker. Who knows soon you could be rich.