Top 6 Ways to Prevent Suffering from Altitude Sickness

If you are someone who loves the hills, the skiing, the mountain climbing or the snowboarding but are afraid that altitude sickness might hit you out on the heights, then you are not alone. A lot of people across the world suffer from altitude sickness which is a condition in which one tends to feel uneasy when he/she ascends on to a great height.

High altitudes can be tough on the body and may make it feel stressed, short on oxygen and ill. If you wish to prevent altitude sickness on your next holiday on the hills, then you can try out the following 6 ways and methods:

ways to prevent suffering from altitude sickness

1. Know the Symptoms and Watch Out for them

The first thing that you should do to prevent altitude sickness is to know the various symptoms of it. Some of the common signs of this condition are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite and rapid pulse.  Symptoms may vary from one person to another but it is important to watch out for them in order to prevent the condition.

2. Drink a lot of Water

One of the best ways to avoid altitude sickness is to drink a lot of water.  Dehydration can also make you feel all the symptoms mentioned above and hence it is important to keep yourself well hydrated.  Avoid the intake of alcohol, caffeine or others things that may make you feel dehydrated and stick to water as it helps maintain a balance of electrolyte in the body.

3. Don’t Overexert yourself

Another good idea to avoid feeling altitude sickness is to avoid overexerting yourself. Take it easy once you are up on the high altitudes as on such heights, it becomes difficult to breathe due to shortage of oxygen. Rest often to prevent from getting ill and don’t push yourself too hard.

4. Never Look Down at the Valley

When you are in a vehicle while driving up on the hills or are traveling in a car on the altitudes, then avoid looking down at the valley as this can make you sick and may induce a sensation of vomiting.  Focus on looking ahead the road to avoid feeling the altitudes or the sense of being on high plains.

5. Proper Acclimatization

The best ways to avoid altitude sickness is to practice proper acclimatization.  Acclimatization is a process of ascending slowly so that the body gets the time to adjust to the change in the altitude.  When you are planning a trip on the hills or high altitudes, make sure you give yourself enough time to acclimatize as this is the sure shot way of not feeling sick.

6. Carry Medication

There are some medicines that are especially meant to help cure and prevent altitude sickness and before heading out to high altitudes, make sure you carry them with you. These can be taken twice a day to prevent the feeling of nausea, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea.