Natural Bronchitis Treatments That You Can Do At Home

Bronchitis can be so nagging and can contribute to your sleepless nights caused by difficulty of breathing due to hacking cough and endless mucus production. Whether it is caused by a bacteria or virus the most important thing for you to do is to manage the symptoms that can really be annoying.

Bronchitis treatment using medications will typically last 7 to 10 days using antibiotics, bronchodilators, expectorants and antipyretics. There’s nothing wrong with them and in fact if bacterial infection is causing your bronchitis, antibiotic therapy is of utmost importance

Natural Home Bronchitis Treatments

There are natural bronchitis treatments you can use to relieve Bronchitis symptoms.

Immune System Boost

Whether your Bronchitis is bacterial or viral in nature, your immune system is your best defense even if you are taking medications. This will be your best route towards healing.

Increase Fluids

This is equally important in Bronchitis treatment because if you’re taking antibiotics and expectorants, but fails to take enough fluids, how can you mobilize the excessive mucus secretions and expectorate them? Take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water, tea or juice, preferably warm so it can soothe your throat that is already irritated from too much coughing.

Diet Low in Dairy Products and Too Much Sweet

These products stimulate more mucus production in Bronchitis and it can cause throat irritation, which you are already experiencing from too much coughing.

Humidify Your Environment

Bronchitis treatments to help secrete the excess mucus will be to humidify the air because the cool mist will moisturize your airway that will make expectoration of mucus secretion a lot easier.

Steam Bath

You can do this while in the shower, as you take the shower close the door and all windows to trap the steam and while inside do deep breathing exercises. The steam helps open up and soothe your airway so you can easily get rid of the unwanted mucus.

Saline Solution Gargle

In Bronchitis treatments, gargling with a mixture of lukewarm water and a few teaspoons of salt to make normal saline solution will cause natural bronchodilation and expectoration that can help relieve your symptoms of difficulty of breathing.

Enough Rest and Sleep

One of the goals in Bronchitis treatment is to conserve energy and Oxygen consumption because in Bronchitis you have a decreased Oxygen supply. And if you don’t get enough rest and sleep you may end up having other health complications like flu and infections of the ear, eyes or mouth and pneumonia.

Take Medications

Take analgesics for pain and antipyretics for your fever.

Other Homeopathic Bronchitis Treatments

These are also helpful Bronchitis treatments, but it is important to seek a homeopathic doctor’s advice before taking or undergoing any of these treatment options.

Acupuncture or Acupressure

This is an old Asian homeopathic remedy that improves blood circulation and promotes relaxation and healing.


Some patients find relief from the scent of eucalyptus used in Bronchitis treatment. Be careful however, if you have known allergies as the scent may aggravate asthma symptoms.

Herbal Remedies

This may take the form of supplements or food products that are believed to ease Bronchitis symptoms, some of them are: a mixture of honey and onion, blend of tea with lemon, bay leaf, thyme or ginger.

While doing any of the Bronchitis treatments, home remedies and homeopathic treatments work differently for different people, but it definitely helps to know what simple things you can do to relieve your symptoms other than your regular medications. Try all of these home remedies and see what will work for your Bronchitis treatments.