Smokers Not Hired By Hospital Group

If you are a smoker, here is one more reason to quit – you may not get a job if you don’t kick the butt. In a decision that has been criticised as being unfair, the Massachusetts Hospital Association has decided not to hire tobacco users. While smoking is banned already in the headquarters of the trade organization at Burlington, this goes a step further in eliminating smoking from work spaces.

The view of CEO Lynn Nicholas is that being in the health business, creating smoke free hospital campuses is important. More and more, tobacco is simply not welcomed in the work force today.

And in fact smoking and smokers are getting more and more marginalized in the work force today. Whereas the cigar chopping head honcho would have been par for the course earlier, smoker coteries in office forming powerful lobbies in days past, these are an anachronism in today’s scenario.

Smoking has been relegated to a furtive, frowned-upon activity at the work place, one that people are becoming less and less willing to tolerate.

So if not for the sake of saving your lungs and your life, give a thought to kicking the butt in the interests of your professional life and give up smoking.