Possible Complications From Gastric Bypass Surgery (Part 2)

As a result of gastric bypass surgery, some people may experience what is known as the Dumping Syndrome.

Here sugary food quickly gets passed on to the bowel, and the person may feel the heart beating fast and forcefully, may break out in a cold sweat, and feel anxious and uneasy. This phenomenon is often followed by diarrhea.

Many people suffer from vomiting soon after surgery, as the system gets used to the changes caused by it.

Additionally many nutritional deficiencies may be experienced by the body including:

  • Due to insufficient absorption of calcium by the digestive system, Hyperparathyroidism may occur sometimes.
  • Deficiencies in iron are often experienced giving rise to anemia. This is particularly prevalent among women of reproductive age who are menstruating.
  • The gastric bypass reduces the size of the stomach and due to the small size, Vitamin B12 is unable to be properly absorbed.
  • In rare cases, Thiamine deficiencies occur as to deficiencies of Vitamin A which is due to fat-soluble vitamin deficiency.
  • Protein malnutrition is a real danger since there is a serious reduction in the amount of food that is available to nourish the body. Even six small meals a day may mean inadequate nutrition and a protein supplement may be recommended.