Gastric Bypass Surgery To Shed Those Excess Pounds!

Tried all the methods of diet plan and physical activity?

Still you didn’t lose your weight! Then you can go for gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that can be used to treat morbid obesity or used to remove the severe accumulation of excess weight as fatty tissues.

Find What is gastric bypass surgery!

It changes the structure of your digestive system in order to limit the amount of food you can consume and digest. It is a preferential bariatric surgery in the US. Most of the surgeons prefer to use this surgery, because this surgery is lifesaver, but not for all and can cause fewer side effects than some other weight loss methods.

Know how gastric bypass surgery is performed!

In gastric bypass surgery, your stomach is divided into two pouches. The upper pouch is very small when compared to the bigger pouch in the lower part of the stomach.

The smaller intestine is arranged in such a way that both the pouches are connected to the intestine. The gastric bypass surgery can cause a greater decrease in the functional size of your stomach. Of course this can lead to an alteration in your food consumption and you will observe the change. As result of decrease in food consumption, it can lead to lose of weight.

Changes that are observed after the gastric bypass surgery!

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, you need some basic care about yourself. You need to follow a dietary plan which includes fluids and you need to follow this for some days after the surgery. You will undergo many physiological and psychological changes after the gastric bypass surgery.

You will feel full just after the consumption of smaller amount of food. You will experience an attack of nausea so that you need to eat slowly to avoid discomfort and even a tendency to vomit. The gastric bypass surgery takes away the emotional crutch on food which leads to tremendous weight gain.

Is gastric bypass surgery suitable for everyone?

  • Gastric bypass surgery can be recommended for those people whose BMI is 40 or greater
  • When an individual has serious health problems due to overweight
  • If you are suffering from being overweight for at least 5 years
  • The age of the patient should be between 18 and 65
  • You must not have a history of alcohol abuse
  • You should not be under any depression or any other psychiatric disorders.

Cost of the surgery! This surgery is cost effective and it ranges between $15,000-35,000. The cost depends on your specific gastrointestinal operations being considered and also on your initial physical and emotional health.

Risk factors associated with gastric bypass surgery:

Similar to other surgeries, gastric surgery also have some risks, but these are minor.

  • It can cause infections on the openings. This is due to the release of certain bacteria from the bowels during the operation.
  • Hemorrhaging is also a risk associated with gastric surgery.
  • After the surgery you will experience nausea.

Finally, gastric bypass surgery can be useful for weight loss (weight loss fitness program) and it has been shown best results from many years. Be careful with the surgeons. If the surgeon is inexperienced, it can even cause death. According to recent study, 1 in 50 people die within one month by properly not having the surgery.