Different Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Surgical correction or restoration of a particular form or function refers to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is also commonly known as cosmetic surgery. The procedures of plastic surgery have nothing to do with the term “plastic” and it refers to reshaping and remoulding of tissues. There are various types of plastic surgery procedures which correct, reshape and restore different parts of the body as needed by the person concerned.

Different Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Common Types of Plastic Surgery

  • Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a type of plastic surgery which firms the tissues of the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty reshapes the lower and upper lids of the eye.
  • Plastic surgery specific to breasts are breast reduction, breast lifting and breast augmentation which reduces, reshapes and enlarges the breasts.
  • Plastic surgery performed on buttocks is buttock augmentation which helps to enlarge or lift the buttocks. This is done through inserting various implants.
  • Chemical peel is used to improve and smooth the facial skin which is affected by acne, scars, pock marks or wrinkles.
  • A type of plastic surgery procedure which is done by removing excessive facial skin minimizes facial wrinkles.
  • Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery which removes fat from different parts of the body specifically from abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
  • Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose.
  • Chin augmentation is yet another type which rectifies the shape of the chin using different implants.
  • Cheek augmentation reshapes the cheek bones. This plastic surgery procedure also uses implants like many other types of plastic surgical procedures.
  • Another category of plastic surgery includes surgical procedures which help to reduce the different effects of aging. Face lift is a type which is specific to reduce aging.
  • Laser treatment is used to remove spots and wrinkles on the face. Things like Botox injection is also used by some people to make positive changes in their facial appearance.

Researches in recent years have shown a growing popularity in the number of people demanding plastic surgeries- especially those who are unhappy with their natural outer appearance. Results of these procedures vary from what the patients wish for and also depend on the surgeon who will be performing the surgery.

Like every other surgical procedure, plastic surgery has its risks and drawbacks and has a chance of having a negative effect on the human body. Therefore, many people choose not to opt for plastic surgeries considering the side effects it could have on their natural appearance. There are a lot of grey areas that need to be considered before going for any kind of plastic surgical procedure.