How Vasectomy Helps In Permanent Birth Control?

Vasectomy is mainly recommended only when you don’t want to have any children in future.

This is the permanent method of birth control in men and prevents the release of sperm.

Vasectomy can be the safest method and most effective surgical procedure for you in the process of birth control. It is usually done at doctor’s clinic or at any outpatient center.

The operation usually takes 30 minutes to complete and local anesthesia is given while performing the procedure.

Vasectomy to help in permanent birth control

During the process of vasectomy, the vas deferens from each of your testicle is clamped and sealed. This prevents the mixing of sperm with the semen that is usually ejaculated from your penis. As a result, the egg released by women during sexual intercoarse cannot be fertilized.

After undergoing vasectomy surgery, the testicles continue the production of sperm, but the sperms gets absorbed by your body. As the tubes before the seminal vesicles and prostate are blocked, you will be still able to ejaculate the same amounts of fluid.

It would normally take several days after vasectomy for all the remaining sperms to get absorbed by your body. Until your semen shows a zero count of sperm, it is necessary for you to use another method of birth control, in order to avoid your partner to be pregnant.

The other side of vasectomy!

There are chances of pregnancy for your partner even after your vasectomy surgery, if

  1. You fail to use other birth control method until you are confirmed with zero sperm count. As already mentioned it takes several days and at least 10 to 20 ejaculations to completely clear the count of sperm in your semen.
  2. Spontaneous reconnection of vas deferens or an opening at one end of the testicle result, which can allow the sperm to mix with your semen again. But this is very rare condition.

The risk of complications in having vasectomy is very less. Some of you can experience bleeding under the skin which can lead to swelling and bruising. In very rare cases, some people get infection at the site of incision and also inside scrotum.

These are some of the basic facts which you need to know about vasectomy. So, if you already have children or do not have any desire to have children, then try to consult your health care provider and get better suggestions regarding vasectomy.