Cause & Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD is an uncontrollable situation where it is is very difficult for a a person to to keep his emotions in check. He is observed to be more sensitive that usual in such a situation. The person might question himself and feel extremely demotivated, to the extent that he thinks he is nothing and might also harm himself or even attempt suicide.

It is evident in many ways. For the purpose of diagnosis, BPD symptoms has divided the professionals of mental health group into nine categories.

Cause & Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Some Symptoms of BPD 

  • Fear of being neglected or rejected: People who suffer from BPD always have the fear of being rejected or left alone. This results in them putting in a lot of effort where they keep their loved ones close to them.
  • Relationship becomes unstable: People might fall in love very fast trusting each other but soon will get disappointed. People suffering from BPD will have either a perfect relationship or a disastrous relationship.
  • Ambiguous self image: People suffering from BPD will always have a flickering mood. At times they will be happy and normal while sometimes they will be sad and depressed. It is very rare that they will appreciate themselves.
  • Self-destructive and impulsive behaviour: When people suffering from BPD are upset, they might harm themselves or anyone in their surrounding, they will behave very sensitively. They might end up doing things that are not right for them and lose control over them.
  • Harming oneself: People suffering from BPD try suicides. This includes suicidal gestures, thinking about suicides, attempting suicides. They also try to harm themselves physically which not necessarily means suicide.
  • Feeling of being empty or left all alone: When people suffer from BPD, they feel empty. They feel as if they have a hole inside them. Many might think they are nobody or nothing. In such situations nothing satisfies them.

Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Genetics: Genes are something that you inherit from your parents. This might lead you to BPD more quickly. Even if one of the identical twins had BPD, then it might happen that the other twin will suffer from BPD too.
  • Brain chemical problem: People suffering from neurotransmitters in the brain might also suffer from BPD. This is because serotonin is linked with aggression, depression and destructive urges.
  • Development of the brain: With the help of MRI, doctors have found a clear picture of the brain which showed people suffering from BPD have three parts smaller than the expected size.
  • Environmental Factors: Factors like being neglected by parents, victim of sexual harassment, mental or physical abuse or exposed to distress as a child, etc. might lead to Borderline Personality Disorder.

When you are around some people suffering from BPD, you will get to know what their relationship is with their family, friends and loved ones. You will also get to know about how much they believe in the people close to them. BPD can be cured by giving a person proper attention and affection and motivating them towards a positive thinking.