What are the Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms in Women?

Borderline personality disorder or BPD is a condition in which a person starts behaving in an unusual or uncharacteristic way which might reflect a kind of a personality disorder. This condition is also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder. In this personality disorder, a person tends to show depth of moods and showcases impulsive and unstable characteristics.

This condition is very common in females; in fact the frequency of this disorder in women is three times more than in the case of men. BPD can be detected by indentifying the borderline personality disorder symptoms in women. The following given signs would be of help if you wish to detect this personality disorder:


  • One of the most common and identifiable signs of BPD in a female is a pattern of intense and unstable communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • Another warning sign of such a personality disorder is identity disturbance or confusion. This means that the women having BPD might find it difficult to make a strong sense of self and will experience unstable image of oneself. She might feel under confident and form a negative self image.
  • Suicidal behavior is another dangerous warning sign of this emotionally unstable personality disorder in women. She might make threats and certain gestures which will point out to the fact that she wants to commit suicide.
  • If a female is experiencing chronic feeling of depression or emptiness, then this can clearly point out to the fact that she is suffering from borderline disorder symptom.
  • Episodes of intense anger and inappropriate behavior are also signs of borderline personality condition in females. Women with BPD might have difficulty in controlling anger and would experience frequent display of temper and physical fights as well.
  • This mental illness is generally marked by unstable mood swings and women might face problems such as reckless behavior, unstable relationships with other people etc.
  • A women suffering from borderline personality disorder syndrome might also experience stress related thoughts and also may be paranoid all the time.
  • The women might also experience panic and changes in future plans and career options.
  • Another sign of borderline personality disorder in women may be their sudden urge to harm themselves or other around them. But this is an extremely rare scenario but happens only in extreme circumstances.
  • A common signs of this mental illness or disorder are reckless driving and binge eating etc.