12 Commandments of Mental Health

Mental health includes psychological, emotional and social well-being. It has an effect on how we feel, think and act. Mental health also determines the way we handle stress and make choices. Being mentally healthy is very important at every stage of life, right from childhood to adulthood.12 Commandments of Mental Health

  1. Take yourself as you are
    Get to know yourself, your talents, strengths, and weakness. Respect yourself but do not take yourself too seriously.
  2. Meet your Friends
    We cannot choose the family but we can choose our friends. Sympathy, affection, comradeship, friendship, love they are all the source of support and joy in life.
  3. Rest and Relax
    Work makes a person noble but work can also kill. Learn to rest actively and passively, find new sources of joy and reaction. For one it might be a cheerful company, for the other solitude, sport or nature. Even the good food and drinks or other pleasures compensate the stress of the ordinary day.
  4. Speak about it
    what worries you, what you are afraid of, what you blame yourself for, about your struggles but also joys and successes. A worry shared is a worry halved; shared joy is a double joy.
  5. Do something creative
    There are not many masterminds but everyone is a creator. We can create a studio, garden theater or shed. The process is more important than the results. The final work might be criticized but nobody can take from us what we experienced during the making.
  6. Overcome the Obstacles
    Learn to take problems and obstacles in life as challenges and opportunities for personal growth. What does not kill us and then there is something to tell your grandchild.
  7. Be Active
    Life is like a river, one time we swim with the tide, the other we swim against it. There is always something to go for and something to run away from. As long as we move, we live and vice versa.
  8. Be involved and help
    The movement of butterfly’s wings in one part of the world can cause a storm on the opposite side of the world. Politics, ecology charity, helping out those who need it give a meaning to our own life.
  9. Learn New things
    There is always something to discover and learn. The experience is non-transferable. What we can master makes us happy, what we cannot, at least we tried.
  10. Do not hesitate to reach out for help
    if you feel your burden is too heavy, fear unbearable, do not be embarrassed to reach out for help, whether it is a professional or a soul mate or just someone who experienced similar suffering.
  11. Do not be afraid to dream
    Dream during the day and night. In dreams, we can float and accomplish amazing things. Not every dream comes true fortunately but to some of them, we can at least get closer.
  12. Live now and here
    Too much past holds us back from rising and too much future does not allow us to stick to our place on earth. Live now and here the best you can, you do not have a better life.

Physical activity or physical fitness helps us to achieve goals, helps our bodies to stay strong, mental fitness and maintain a state of good mental health. When you are mentally healthy, you can enjoy life with peacefully. All these above discussed are 12 commandments of mental health follow them to lead a healthy and happy life.