7 Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a very common mood disorder and is often known as a maniac-depressive disorder. People suffering from this disorder experiences deep depression and maniacs leading to complete mood shift.

The symptoms of this illness vary from one person to another. Also, one must remember that in Bipolar disorder a person suffers from both maniac and depression, a person having any of these two and not both might be suffering from some other mood disorder.

7 Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

In the list below, we have mentioned all the signs and symptoms that are mostly found in people suffering from this disorder.

1. Suicidal thoughts

This is a very common symptom which is often found in people suffering from bipolar disorder. People in the early stage of their depression may feel so low that they start having the thoughts of attempting suicide. Suicidal thoughts are very dangerous and often people may end up taking actions based on these thoughts.

2. Racing thoughts

During the maniac stage, some people may start having enormous thoughts at the same time in their mind and these thoughts include almost every emotions such as fear, depression, excitement and much more. At this stage, people do not understand how to deal with these varied thoughts.

3. Anti-social

When a person is depressed he or she loses all interests in participating any social activities. Often it happens that they do not find previous social activities interesting anymore. In this era of social media, these people are found isolating themselves from others.

4. Guilt feeling

Bipolar disorder is not a choice, it can happen to anyone. People suffering from this disorder often feel guilty and feel that they are creating pressure on their closed ones. People surrounding them must not make them feel like they are a burden.

5. Overspending

People suffering from this illness also tend to spend a lot, more than they should spend. This happens when they are in a good mood, they spend without thinking about their financial condition as the physical items purchased by them make them feel happy.

6. Low energy level

When people suffering from bipolar disorder are in depression phase they run on a low energy level and often do not involve themselves in basic activities such as showering, cooking or any other household activities. This may also happen because of their wrong sleeping schedule.

7. Impulsiveness

During the maniac phase, people may indulge themselves in dangerous activities and act irresponsibly. This may lead to many other issues. People during this stage are often noticed taking part in activities which they would ignore under normal circumstances.

These are some of the symptoms that are commonly noticed in people suffering from bipolar disorder. We must always remember that bipolar disorder is not a burden and people suffering from this disorder must be given special attention.

Seeking medical help is always a nice option if the disorder reaches a non-controllable level and the victim starts showing furthermore deterioration. As this a mood disorder, we cannot make out from a person’s physical being if he/she is suffering from it or not.