Epididymitis- Making Men Uncomfortable

Epididymitis is a urological condition in which the epididymis, which is a long & tight coiled and is present above both the testicles, becomes enlarged resulting in pain and discomfort. The main function of the epididymis is to store sperms and mature them. It is usually considered a bacterial infection which is secondary in nature and may be caused by a number of reasons mainly involving sexually transmitted infection or a urinary tract infection, even though UTI is rare in men, it can cause epididymitis.

Epididymitis treatment

Proper Diagnosis Prior to Treatment

At times, usually in young men, it becomes difficult to differentiate between epididymitis and testicular torsion. Symptoms of both these diseases can appear while diagnosis and show up in the following tests –

  • Complete blood count.
  • Doppler ultrasound.
  • STI test.
  • Urine test.

Diagnose of this infection is a must in an accurate manner because if it turns out to be testicular torsion it can be fatal and hence, should be treated immediately with a completely different set of drugs. Usually a surgery has to be performed immediately. If the doctor confirms the condition to be epididymitis, then read on to know about the treatment.

Treatment Measures for Epididymitis

What happens in epididymitis is that the testicle becomes twisted resulting in the blood flow being cut off. A physical examination will show a swollen lump in the affected area and this lump will be tender and red. Enlarged lymph nodes may also be present in the affected area in the groin. Hence treatment becomes a necessity. So, the following are the way outs:

  • Use of condom to prevent STI ( such as gonorrhea and chlamydia)
  • Antibiotics
  • Applying a cold compress to the affected area
  • Elevation of the scrotum
  • Anti-inflammation medication
  • Bed rest in order to give rest to the scrotum
  • Regular checkups to keep check of the status of the infection
  • Sitz baths
  • Reduction of physical activity
  • Analgesics

Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors in case of epididymitis since it’s basically an infection and it plays a major role in treating the disease. It is important to complete the antibiotic course and not leave it mid-way since there could be a relapse and the infection could come again, further, visit your doctor regularly and to do not assume that the infection will be gone on its own. In most cases the antibiotics work perfectly and are able to cure the infection completely. But there are always a few severe cases in which the needle has to be used.

Remember, that like most infections it can be easily prevented and even if you get it, stay calm. It is not life threatening and can be treated.

Photo Credit By: myuhcare.uhhospitals.org