Know About Mood Swings in Men

Women have long been at the centre of all mood swing discussions. They have even been considered the gender which can show extreme signs of mood swings when it’s “that time of the month”. But recent studies have shown that they might not be the only ones to be exposed to mood swings. It turns out, that the masculine other half of the humans are also susceptible to emotional jams.

There are actually many mood swing conditions for men including Irritable Male Syndrome (yes it’s real!), and low testosterone. Lets know more about mood swings in men.

know about mood swings in men

Irritable Male Syndrome

This particular condition is common for men in the age group- 40 to 60 years and it is a result of the imbalance in hormones. The term IMS is coined to describe mood swings as evident in men. The most common behavioral characteristics of a man suffering from IMS include:

  • Excessively angry and argumentative nature.
  • Hostility, anxiousness and defensiveness.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Impatience and tension.

As per studies, the most common cause for this syndrome is either low level of testosterone or high level of cortisol (the stress hormone). Another cause as has been stated is comparatively high level of estrogen in men. This can cause men to act out or be irritable. It is also stated that those suffering from this condition will most probably be in denial of their state. That’s mostly because of a misconception- that women are the only ones who suffer mood swings, and that men cannot face similar issue.

But taking proper therapeutic measures and following other course of treatments are essential for all those suffering from this syndrome.

Low Testosterone and the Mental Trouble

While IMS is most prevalent in a certain age group, low testosterone can happen to you irrespective of the age bracket you fall in. Low testosterone is another probable cause of mood swings in men. Again to clear a common misconception about testosterone function- while testosterone level is usually associated with sexual aspect of an individual, there is a lot more that this hormone does. It is plays an important role in the overall/ contributes to the working of one’s brain. The state of mind of an individual is hence greatly affected by this hormone.

As per an expert, Mr. Edward Levitan of Visions HealthCare (Wellesley), low testosterone is the cause of many mental health troubles in men. He states that the testosterone receptors in the brain access low testosterone levels and can respond to it by displaying fatigue or mood swings. But not to worry, most of the mood swings in men can be curbed and controlled with help of proper lifestyle changes and medical drugs. Some of suggestions of lifestyle changes are as follows:

  • Access your overall health habits, that is, if you are inactive or obese or lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle. If so, make necessary changes to attain balance.
  • Managing your stress level and indulging in de-stressing activities.
  • Opt for testosterone therapies (replacement)

Taking proper measure to hormonal imbalances and hence mood swings at bay, is essential to lead a fulfilling life.