Is Your Itching Becoming Worse During Night? It Can Be Scabies!

All most all of us experience skin infection at some point in the life.

scabies1Scabies is the one among those skin infections. Scabies is a parasite.

This skin infection develops as tiny itchy bumps and wounds.

This is due to tiny mites that hideout under the top layer of your skin to lay down the eggs.

Sometimes these burrows become visible as darkened lines, reddish, short or wavy on your skin’s surface. Particularly they appear around the wrists and in between the fingers.

This disease is usually transmitted from person-to-person from skin contact or sexual contact. Scabies spreads more easily in crowded places and where there is a close contact with other persons.

Scabies causes severe itching and it becomes worse during the night or after a hot water bath. The bumps will break when you scratch at that place. Your skin becomes thick and scratch marks will appear at that place.

Children who are affected with scabies have the high risk of developing kidney disease in their later life. Skin infections also cause rheumatic heart disease.

The most common problem associated with scabies is secondary skin infection. This condition is due to the continuous scratching of the skin. These types of skin infections often called as impetigo. The most severe form of this condition is Norwegian Scabies. This is the result of various mites infecting your body.

This is most common during childhood. If you or your child is diagnosed with scabies, it can be easily treated with skin lotions and thorough cleansing. Scabies can come at any time during the year and it can affect anyone.

Your hands are the most common places where red bumps appear. The mite that causes scabies is just about a visible thing. It takes six weeks to develop and before you start itching. These mites can also live for two days on furniture or fabrics without a multitude. If you already have scabies and you are re-affected with the mites, it takes 1-4 days to show the symptoms.

Treating scabies:

  • In order to get diagnosed for your condition, visit a dermatologist.
  • Usually the treatment for scabies involves the usage of topical creams to kill the mites and a lotion to reduce itchiness. During the times, when the infection becomes widespread then you can use oral treatments to get relief.
  • Scabies is an infection which comes periodically and washing your hands after every aspect will prevent you from getting affected. If you are in contact with other people, touching their skin, and shaking hands with them, just ensure that a hand wash is necessary. It also helps for many other things.
  • Vacuum regularly the rugs and furniture in the house. Keep the vacuum bag far away from your work place.
  • Don’t use home remedies to treat your scabies infection. Sometimes, it makes the symptoms to get worse.
  • Don’t use steroids or any other creams. Use them only under your doctor’s prescription.

Medications for scabies:

The approved medication named as ivermectin in the dose of 3mg can be used as a treatment for scabies. It is a cost comparable alternative when compared to other topical agents for scabies treatments. It can also help in other parasitic infectious diseases.

A single dose of 200 mcg per kg is effective to cure scabies in most patients. If there is an individual who was HIV infected and also affected with scabies, then he needs one more dose after two weeks.

Similar to other drugs, ivermectin is also has some side effects. They include: anorexia, arthralgia, chills, eosinophilia, fever, headaches, rash, stomach upset, and vomiting. These symptoms will develop as a reaction to the drug.

This drug won’t react with any other medications because it stores in the liver and fat tissues and it won’t enter into the central nervous system. The safety about the usage of this drug by young children, pregnant, and lactating is yet to be declared.

Visit the below page for more information on ivermectin drug:

Chemical gamma benzene hexachloride is commonly referred to as lindane. This complex is similar to agricultural pesticides. After treating with lindane, itchiness is gradually decreased within 24 hours and then disappears within a week or two.

You can also use oral antihistamines such as Benadryl to treat scabies only if inflammation is there.

Sulfur is being effectively used by most of the people for more than 150 years. 6 percent of precipitated sulfur is mixed in cold creams. When you apply this, it reduces the itchiness caused by scabies.

It is called as a photostable insecticide that can be used against a huge range of insects and mites. There are no allergic side effects with this. 5% of the permethrin cream is used to treat scabies and also 1% solution is used to treat head lice.

It is suggested to treat scabies in small children, premature infants, and individuals with some other attacks and neurological complications. This is also suitable for pregnant women, but is not suggested for infants younger than two months of age. In order to get succeeded, you need to carefully follow the instructions.

The things you need to avoid for treating scabies:

In order to reduce the incidence of scabies, you need to avoid the following things:

  • Close contacts with other people
  • Sharing bed with others
  • Keeping your child in a day care center
  • Faulty treatments or following improper methods of treatments
  • Not properly cleansing the clothes and bed linen
  • Neglecting the condition
  • Delays in consulting your doctor

The above mentioned medications and controlling methods works better for the symptoms of scabies and gives you relief.