Link Between Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

Do you know how diabetes affects your overall health?

Diabetes can cause many health damages like heart attack, hypertension and also erectile dysfunction for those who are suffering from it.

Do you know that in between 35% to 75% of men diagnosed with diabetes are having some degree of impotency?

Majority of the men who has medical disorder diabetes are at the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, approximately a decade or half earlier than those who doesn’t have diabetes sickness when put in comparison.

It becomes very crucial for the males to understand more about it and follow certain measurements to prevent and avoid it in all possible ways.

Why does it happen?

A diabetic male victim tends to have excessive sugar in their blood flow; because of this excessive blood sugar level, the nervous systems and blood vessels that are responsible for the erection damaged.

Even though your brain produces signal to have sex, your nerves that connects to your penis fail to receive the signal and doesn’t respond accordingly.

Even certain health problems that has alliances with diabetes also contributes to erectile dysfunction.

For example, if you have cardiovascular disease along with diabetes, the blood vessels in your body become narrow or harden and restrict blood flow to penis. As a result, you will experience difficulty having an erection.

Is there any solution?

Controlling blood sugar levels with proper diets (diet for diabetes) and exercises could help you along your way in preventing diabetes complications that include erectile dysfunction.

Do not forget to take your medicines from doctors and stay away from smoking, alcoholic drinks, stress and avoid staying up too late at night as well.