Diabetes Sufferers Cutting Back On Medication Because Of Finances

Everyone is affected by the current economic recession, but people that suffer from diabetes are increasingly unable to afford their medicines and are having to make very difficult choices.

A free clinic in San Diego that is run by medical students has seen a third more diabetics turning up looking for supplies and medicines and that’s just in the last few months. [Diabetes Medications]

Dr. Steven Edelman who runs the University of California clinic explains that a lot of these patients haven’t been taking their prescribed drugs because they are simply unable to afford them.

This is a very worrying trend as more emergency rooms (ER) across the country are seeing an increase in diabetics seeking medical assistance.

America’s biggest ER is at St Joseph’s in Phoenix and Dr. Nicholas Vasquez who works there warns that this is just the start of how things will be. People unable to buy their required medicines, has consequences and that is what the ER is now seeing, he added.

As the number of citizens diagnosed with diabetes grows quite significantly every year, the sales of products and drugs associated with the disease is in decline. The risks are high because sufferers need to be carefully monitored to avoid serious consequences.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause blindness or stokes, it can lead to heart disease and amputations. Ultimately it can kill.

Diabetics have had to switch to cheaper medicines that are less effective for them and they are fully aware of the risks. They are worried but has no choice financially and now has to suffer alarming drops in their insulin levels as a result.