Top 8 Home Remedies to Fight With Vertigo

Vertigo is a whirling sensation and associated conditions like loss of balance, ringing of ears, nausea and giddiness. Often it is seen that people experience vertigo while looking down from a great height. The situation becomes worse when the dizziness that you feel stays for a longer period of time. Besides medication there are many home remedies that can prove to be effective in fighting with the conditions of Vertigo.

Home Remedies to Fight With Vertigo

Downward Sitting Posture

Always try to sit down when you feel the dizziness. Put your head between your legs to increase the blood flow to your head.


Take some cotton and add drops of peroxide to it. Then drain the peroxide into your ear for 10 minutes and lie down or so. Then again, take out the peroxide out from your ear by draining it into a tissue or a cotton ball.

Sesame oil and Garlic

 Take 2 tsps of sesame oil and 2 pieces of small garlic. Crush the garlic and warm the oil by adding garlic to it until it gets brown. Let the oil cool and drain the oil with the help of a cloth. The oil that you get will help you get some relief from vertigo. Put the oil in your ear for some time and repeat that process again for your other ear. Then, take out the oil by draining it onto a tissue.


Try using ginger tea or ginger pills or try to chew slices of ginger. This is the most easily and readily available home remedy for vertigo.

Apple cider vinegar and honey

Take 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 spoons of honey and drink them along with cold water. It will ease your condition to some extent.

Cold Water

Whenever you feel that vertigo is going to hit you, drink cold water as it helps the dizziness go away. Dehydration can be the reason behind the vertigo. Also try eating something.

Iron Intake

Increase the intake of iron supplements.

Gingko Biloba

Take Ginkgo biloba pills or leaves to combat your vertigo. It reduces the troubles of imbalance, dizziness and vision problems effectively.

Home remedies are effective in treating vertigo at primary levels; but if it is the symptom of any other underlying disease then the remedial measures would be different. Consult a doctor and make sure the diagnosis is done properly.