Natural Supplements – To Dare Or Not To Take Them

Reading the morning news online on the trendy iPad I got as gift from my husband I cannot help but take a look at the commercial popping up from my mail client encouraging me to feel more energetic by taking the X or Y pill.

All of us know that natural supplements are a common presence in our lives and we tend to improve our stamina using them, still there is a lot of talk pro and con them that eventually you come in the position where you wonder if taking them you do the right thing.

We hear about pills for colon cleansing, pills for losing weight, pills for increasing sexual appetite and whether you believe it or not people tend to consider them as food supplements when in fact they are not

We live in a world where we visibly see how very different is the food becoming every day and how fast it loses its nutritious properties. Trying to overcome this with natural supplements is neither wrong nor right.

First of all we should really see a doctor before taking on any type of natural supplements. Some blood work will clean the fog on what exactly our body needs and of course would give the doctor the information about what supplements to recommend.

I am sure all of us are aware the calcium, iron and magnesium deficiencies are very common problems the current society is facing in the health department.

The main problem is that we are treating them by ear and most of all following advice from all the wrong sources.

There is no need for anybody to tell us that taking medications without doctor’s supervision is not a wise thing to do. Regardless, people are doing exactly that and the consequences are not late to appear in the form of overweight, low blood pressure or low blood sugar level.

Herbal pills are truly a treasure but picture them as a treasure protected by many treasure dragons. As fairytale like the above may seem, taking herbal pills or powders can put our health at risk especially because if the healing herbs can save our life they can also damage our health.

For example, all of us had grandma’s treating diarrhea with mint tea and constipation with chamomile tea, or helping grandchildren to sleep with linden flower tea.

They are all safe remedies and fitted for young children and perhaps even today we fondly use them.

What is special about some plants is proven by centuries of knowledge so there is no wonder that we use them with no fear.

On the other hand, taking green tea pills instead of green tea might not help you lose weight but rather make addicted to a type of colon cleansing that will stop or derive in constipation once you no longer take the pills.

All of the above considered, think for yourself if treating the matter lightly is worth it.

We like to say we live healthy, eating fibers, ingesting smart bacteria like Bifidus Essensis, exercising daily and taking natural supplements.

But in the end, are we also living smart?