Heatstroke Is A Danger For Both Children And Adults

Many times during summer, when we are about to go sunbathing at the seaside or in other places near water, we take the sunscreen lotion with us, knowing that is mandatory to put it on in order to protect our skin from the heatstroke.

I know that it may seem impossible for a great number of people to forget putting sunscreen on, but there are so many occasions in which we don’t even think we need it and the matter escapes our attention and results in fever and irritated skin.

Both you and I know that the different levels of SPF in the sunscreen composition are developed scientifically for a particular type of skin.

This is how reported to the information we receive through all the usual channels we know that all of us have a particular SPF level we are comfortable wearing and that level protects us from the ultraviolet rays.

I would have to say that not always the sunbathing is the one that gives us heatstroke.

I have experienced a very severe one after a summer afternoon spent at a barbecue in the garden of a family we are friends with.

In spite of my light summer outfit, the shade of the garden trees and the protection of the pavilion where we served the meal, when I went home the heatstroke specific symptoms became obvious.

The explanation came from the doctors. During that period I was treated for a kidney infection and I was taking antibiotics.

The antibiotics treatment made my skin a lot more sensitive than usual to the sun rays and resulted in sunburn. The doctor explained me that the same effect is created by the diuretics, and blood pressure medication, and that was a very valuable piece of information.

As a responsible mother that I am, I always put SPF 35 sunscreen on my children before letting them go play in the sun.

In spite that they have inherited a gene that allows their skin to get a beautiful tan, they sometimes manage to also get heatstroke.

From the last year’s experience I found out that not only direct sun exposure can cause heatstroke for children but the wet, hot weather is an even more severe danger.

After a strong summer shower in the mountain, I let the children go play outside in the wet grass sure that they are perfectly safe because the sun was not so strong after the rain. To my despair in the evening they came down with high fever and all the symptoms of heatstroke.

The pediatrician told me that a hot, wet weather is equally dangerous for both the children and adults as a sunny day is because the sun burns stronger after the rain.

Due to the rapid increase of the temperature at the skin level, my kids developed a very serious heatstroke.

This piece of information was very helpful while we visited Santa Lucia Island for vacation. There the weather was both hot and wet but knowing the danger I managed to keep all of us safe and avoid heatstroke.

The best way to stay away from heatstroke is to have the right information about how the weather conditions can interfere with your health. A well informed person is the one that can have control of his or her well being and health.