Knowing Me While I’m Going Acquainted With My Body

I did not start to be concerned about my health until my mother was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She seemed so healthy, and she always took care of her appearance.

My mother looks ten years younger than she really is, so it came as such a surprise when she found out that she had high blood pressure.

This began to trouble me because I knew that high blood pressure tends to run in families and I worried that I may develop it as well.

Up until this point my spa appointments outnumbered my doctor appointments. I started to think, was I too busy taking care of my outward appearance and not spending enough time on my inner health?

People spend billions of dollars a year on ways to improve their look, from clothes that make you look slim and chic to the ever changing trends of hairstyles to the latest footwear that is in style.

Every year women and men spend money on the latest gadgets that make them appear technologically savvy. A lot of money is spent on anti-aging creams and make-up that cover up every imperfection.

When I have chipped a nail I immediately call for an appointment to the salon, but on the other hand, if I get a cold, I treat it with an over-the-counter pill and I don’t even bother to think about the doctor. In this day and age, how I look on the outside comes first, health only matters if I put on a few pounds.

After finding out about my mom’s high blood pressure, I made an appointment with my doctor. This was a trip I dreaded because I was afraid of what might be found. The overall experience was fine, although I do have to start going to the gym a bit more.

I think part of the problem we have as a culture, is that we witness celebrities smoking and drinking and partying too hard and we tell ourselves that they seem fine, that they are in the peak of health.

They are a reflection of us; as long as they look young and beautiful on screen there is never an indication that their health may be in jeopardy.

We watch as they sit in their chairs, getting makeup or hair done and we mimic it. We never see them at the doctor’s office and we rarely see them eating well and exercising.

A lot of people out there have chronic illnesses and they don’t get it treated or looked into, instead they continue to ignore it or use treatments that just cure the symptoms and not the problem.

If people were more in tune to their bodies they may be able to catch the issues before they become bigger, worse problems.

Cancer, colds have signs telling you something is happening to your body.

You can usually lessen the effects of a cold if you felt that you may be coming down with it and you can even prevent many colds from happening, but many people do not take precautions against it.

Unfortunately many people don’t think much about preventing many health ailments from happening before it is too late.

Instead of wondering whether how you look on the outside is good enough, you should worry about how your health is. The good news is that many maladies can be cured and surprisingly many find that they will not only get a clean bill of health, but they will be in better shape than when they were younger. Concentrate less on the outside and more on your insides. Stay healthy.