Atherosclerosis Is Changing My Life

There is evidence that Atherosclerosis, which is when you have fatty deposits of plaque in your artery walls, can begin in childhood and progress into adult hood.

This is very scary if you are a parent who has been diagnosed with this disease.

You may feel as though you have the ability to pass it along to your children, and want to have them examined as soon as possible.

I know that’s what I did. I was diagnosed with Atherosclerosis in 1999. I gave birth to my first child in 2004. After living with this disease for five years already, I felt I had it under control, but still had a fear of passing it on to my daughter.

Atherosclerosis can be hereditary as it is a heart disease, but can be avoided by simply taking care of yourself and your body. I have practiced avoiding fatty foods, and eating well-balanced meals. These are the top two most important things you want to be focused on.

You should make sure that you are getting your daily-recommended balance of fruits and vegetables. Exercising on a regular basis of at least thirty minutes a day every day is very much needed and beneficial to keep everything moving through your body the way it should be.

There are a lot of complications and other diseases that come along with getting Atherosclerosis. This disease can affect a lot of the different organs in your system such as your heart, brain, lungs, kidneys and even your extremities.

If you do develop Atherosclerosis, you can also be at risk for Diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increasing with age and obesity. None of which are pleasant. It is far more beneficial to keep yourself healthy than to risk getting this disease.

If you do have this unfortunate disease, there are steps you can take to reverse some of the effects from Atherosclerosis.

You want to really work on increasing your HDL levels, otherwise known as the good cholesterol in our bodies. This can help clean out the arteries of some of the bad cholesterol.

You can do this by incorporating aerobic exercise into your weight loss plan. Any aerobic exercise is going to be beneficial, but I choose to walk, jog or ride my bike.

These three aerobic exercises can be the most effective ways to raise your heart rate enough to make a difference.

Of course if you are a smoker and you can quit smoking be prepared to face the consequence, because you will get Atherosclerosis for sure.

If you do quit, then a lot of benefic effects appear the most significant being the increase in your HDL levels if you have this disease. Cut out fatty foods and add fiber into your diet.

Cutting out fatty foods can drastically increase your HDL levels as well as adding at least two servings a day of fiber.

If you take good care of yourself, even if this disease does run in your family, you shouldn’t worry about it. If you have children, you want to start them on the best diet you can when they are young.

If you can incorporate correct eating habits in your children at a young age, they also have a lesser chance of contracting Atherosclerosis.