Steroids Can Cause Bladder Cancer

Anabolic steroids, one of the most commonly abused drug over North America for its effect on human body. “Anabolic”, a Greek word that means “build up”, first discovered in 1930s to treats impotency, delayed puberty.

Later was discovered that anabolic steroid aids in the growth of skeletal muscles that results into increased strength.

From then on, athletes as well as bodybuilders and weightlifters, both professional and amateur started abusing this drug.

Aside from the numerous bad effects of anabolic steroids caused by abusive use, it is found out that it contributes to the increasing risk of bladder cancer for those who overuse these drugs.

Excessive intake of oral glucocorticoid can be associated to the increasing risk of having bladder cancer.

It is observed that the immunosuppressant brought by the abusive intake of drugs causes the diminishing immunosurveillance against growing tumors as elaborated by Dr. Karl Dietrich in an annual forum attended by many cancer specialists.

Athletes of different sport and people from all walks of life use this drug to push their body beyond its limits. Knowing that steroids help in gaining more muscle and body mass as well as reducing body fat, people tend to abuse it without minding the deadly side effects from taking too much of it.