Is Radiotherapy A Best Treatment For Bladder Cancer?

A wide range of treatment options are available for treating your bladder cancer such as surgical procedures, radiation therapy, biological therapy, chemotherapy, radio therapy, etc.

A recent study has found that the survival rates among all bladder cancer patients who are treated with radio therapy were as same as those who were treated with surgery to completely remove the bladder.

Important facts about radiotherapy:

Radiotherapy is used to treat cancer with the help of high energy rays, which are capable of destroying the cancer cells while doing comparatively as little harm as possible to your normal body cells. It is more often used for bladder cancer treatment as an alternative to surgery, which is necessary if the cancer comes back.

This kind of bladder cancer treatment is normally given for you in radiotherapy department as a sequence of short regular sessions.

Treating with radiotherapy doesn’t mean to remove your bladder, but you’ll need to have cystoscopy, usually for every 3 months or so in order to ensure that the bladder cancer has not come back.

This therapy for bladder cancer doesn’t make you radioactive and it is completely safe and harmless for you to be with other people including your children after the treatment.

Radiotherapy is not painful but you need to lie completely at rest without moving for few minutes when the treatment is being given to you.

Radiotherapy is involved with certain other health conditions!

Radiotherapy when given to treat the bladder cancer can irritate the bowel and can lead to diarrhea and also soreness around your anus.

Some times, it can also cause mild cystitis, which can cause a burning sensation when you pass urine or it can also lead to frequent urination. These effects gradually disappear with in few weeks after the treatment is completed.

Apart from these, certain other side effects which you can observe after having radio therapy include effects on your skin, ability to have erections (in men), narrowing of vagina (in women), tiredness etc.

Choosing a right option for bladder cancer treatment plays an important role in curing the disease. It becomes very important for you to know about various treatment options that exist in the treatment of bladder cancer [Cranberries to treat bladder infection].

So, try to consult any bladder cancer specialist or urologist for second option and get better and safe treatment for your bladder cancer.