The Spring Asthenia And The Psychological Dump

For many years the mood swing people feel when seasons change was considered to be asthenia and treated with a high amount of vitamins and basic nutrition remedies.

Asthenia is something very common, and the society treats it like another one of the disease associated with our growth as a species, and puts it in the same category with stress, chronic exhaustion and nervous breakdowns.

The human mind has a very fragile balance, mostly based on the significant things it defines as important and the priorities that come with them. The human mind has the ability to order us how we feel and when the balance that keeps it focused somehow disrupted, it tends to slip and fall into depression.

The spring asthenia we all feel more or less is a weakness caused by the temperature change, excessive light and abrupt air pressure values all coming with the spring. Still under the symptoms of asthenia a more dangerous enemy lies and waits to capture our mind.

The spring depression is a very serious problem and brings with it lack of muscular tonus, nervous or anxious disposition, a significant drop in the self confidence and emotional instability.

The problem is very common in the employed persons and it can lead to a disaster especially if corroborated with a huge amount of stress.

I remember reading about people feeling worse every day until their general bad feeling turned out to be a heart attack created by depression.

In the condition of the modern society where being sick is not a viable option, the people tend to push themselves in producing results no matter how does this process interfere with their health.

The spring depression as we see it around us every day covers two major directions: the overbearing sadness and the silent rage.

The overbearing sadness is very characteristic to women and generally affects 90% of the women covering a clerk position in one institution or another. It is said that it crawls bit by bit, causing low blood pressure, somnolence, sadness, unexplainable state of dread all leading to tears and complete exhaustion.

The asthenia being something very common, the women tend to mistake their symptoms with the ones of this very familiar spring problem. The mistake is so common that even doctors tend to overlook the signs and recommend the patients the same treatment they recommend for asthenia.

In most of the cases, the sadness forces itself into the patient’s mind, and with it comes the unexplainable pain sometimes felt even physically, crying without reason, the lack of will to get out of bed, reactivity to light and so many more particular causes each especially designed to crush a person’s mind.

The silent rage is a bit different. It sneaks upon men, mostly men involved in vivid intellectual activity, overworked and underpaid, carrying the burden of the lack of communication and with it the impossible situation of not being able to express their feelings.

The patients tend to react violently out of the blue, they snap from thin air, throw heavy words, they are irascible and annoyed and not opened to communication. Usually these manifestations are judged like simple lack of responsibility and bring penalties.

Unfortunately such lack of attention leads to people doing extreme steps like suicide or murder and even if rare these types of acts should be prevented with psychological treatment.

So, next time you meet somebody sad out of his or her mind when outside the sun is shining and the nature is singing a spring song, consider that they might suffer from a very serious condition and the fact they are living in a psychological hell may crush them if not treated properly and in time.