The Banana To Boost Fertility?

Yes, says Britain’s oldest dad who is making headlines all over the world. At the age of 74 when most men are at least grand fathers if not great grand fathers, here is a sprightly not-so-young dad who credits bananas with his libido.

Gerry Burks has some simple mantras for living his life to a ripe old age: he eats bananas every day, avoids unhealthy food and looks after himself. He does not smoke and claims to be young at heart.

He enjoys home cooked meals prepared by his wife Dawn, who has pasta bake that keeps him in shape according to him. His wife is more than 30 years his junior, but no spring chicken herself at age 41.

Burks’ previous marriage ended in the mid 1980s when he claims to have “packed all the bad things up”. Even at this age, he claims to be hands on dad, not hesitating to get up in the night with the little one and wows to continue to keep fit doing the running around for his wife and family.

Burks feels like the luckiest man alive and says his family is complete with this, the couple’s second child together, and he does not completely rule out having more children!

Source: Daily Mail