What Does Asthma Do To The Body?

Everyone knows that asthma gives someone trouble with breathing. What they don’t actually know is what it specifically does to the body to make it have trouble.

Knowing the biological effects that it produces on the body can help anyone to understand it better.

The bronchi are breathing tubes in the body which take air from the windpipe to the tissue in the lungs which give that oxygen to the bloodstream.

Without the bronchi, the blood would have no way of absorbing the oxygen it needs to properly survive.

When an asthma attack happens, the lining on the insides of the bronchi become inflamed and constrict upon themselves.

This means that less air can travel through these tubes at any time and your blood will not get the amount of oxygen that it needs to keep the body functioning.

The narrowed tubes will make you wheeze while breathing, giving a clear indication that something is wrong. Hearing this wheezing means, you are having trouble because you are not getting enough oxygen.

After an asthma attack starts, you will have a great deal trouble breathing and treatment is immediately required. Whether you have medication on hand or need to travel to a hospital, getting help breathing is very important.