Here’s An Idea – Walk In Your Lunch Hour

For all those of us who are too pressed for time, are too overworked and stressed to find the time to exercise, here is a suggestion – use that lunch hour at work and put it to good use by working out.

Think about it – what is the healthier option? Sitting at your desk, with a sandwich or getting out of that chair and getting in a good work out? The answer has to be self evident!

Now one possible problem to fitting a work out in the middle of a work day could well be something as simple as sweat.

A gym session or a run in the middle of the work day could make you sweaty and messy so just go for a walk instead. Even a walk, which may seem not to be strenuous or intense, can do a great deal for your good health.

New studies show that even fitting three walks of about 40 minutes into your work week, even if they aren’t that brisk; can help improve the “connectivity of important brain circuits.”

So not only it is good for your health, it is also good for the rest of your work day since it will make you more alert and productive for the rest of the day!