Hyperhidrosis Treatment You Can Trust

Are you sweating excessively? Are your palms and armpits moist all the time? Be wary, because you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Did you know that you share the same problem with hundreds of people all over the world? This abnormal condition is called hyperhidrosis.

It is common among individuals today. It is a health condition where a person excessively experiences sweat and other related cases in the sweat glands. These are isolated cases in the armpits, the soles, palms, and other areas of the body.

Hyperhidrosis is evident at the start from being a child and into puberty. There are also studies that show that this condition can also be a genetic trait.

We all know that excessive sweating can cause us embarrassment. It can be a real nuisance too! Yet, do not despair because this condition is not without a cure.

Well, start by changing your lifestyle. Isn’t that the most natural thing to do? Another thing to take note is that for those who seek hyperhidrosis treatment, you should not feel isolated. After all, you are not alone in this battle. There are a lot of reported cases of people with this condition.

If you are one of those who seek hyperhidrosis treatment, there are a lot available today. Talk to your doctors about these hyperhidrosis treatment and determine if which one suits you better. Presumably, your doctor knows best.


Sick and tired of sweaty hands? The fastest solution is getting a surgery. This hyperhidrosis treatment is usually administered when all other treatments have failed. This is also done when the patient wants to go straight to the point in stopping the extreme sweating.

The surgery will involve removing the sweat glands, and another could be fixing the nerves that send signals that cause the sweating. Thus far this is the easiest but the most expensive way.

Topical medicines

Topical hyperhidrosis treatment is usually used for light cases of the condition. These medicines usually address the “not so serious” conditions.

They are usually over the counter and are easily prescribed by the doctor. The more common description of these kinds of medications is also known as antiperspirants and initial medications.

Oral medications

These oral medications usually have symptoms after use. They are antiperspirants that are orally taken or induced. They are known to prevent the sweat glands from emitting sweat and are also known to touch on the nerves that are responsible for this.

This hyperhidrosis treatment has symptoms such as drying of the mouth and difficulty in urinating. Well, this is worth trying. It might work for you.


This hyperhidrosis treatment uses electric energy and impulses to prevent profuse sweating. Electric current is usually administered in the affected area. This is usually done within a two-week period.

Time and again, people have been told never to self-medicate. Thus, the best thing for you to do is make that urgent visit to your doctor.

Discuss with him your condition and ask him for the most feasible medication suited for you. More importantly, never hesitate to ask of the extent of your condition and the different side effects your medication might bring.