Natural Treatment for Gallbladder Stones

The little pouch that lies behind your liver lobes is called the gallbladder and it secretes a juice called bile which is cholesterol rich and is responsible to aid in the digestion of food containing fatty acids. But at times the cholesterol level increases in bile and they start to crystallize creating gallstones.

These stones can be as small as a stone chip or as large as a golf ball and can cause great pain in some cases. But the main problem starts when they travel from the gall bladder and settle in the tube that connects the small intestine and the liver.

natural treatment for gallbladder stones

In most cases you may not even know that you have gallstones in your system unless there is an X-ray. But the most common tell for these stones are excruciating pain starting from the upper right side of your abdomen and reaching to the lower right side of your chest. You may also suffer from regular vomiting, jaundice and also get chills.

If you are pregnant, obese, has liver disease or diabetes or you consume fatty food, you may suffer from gall stones. Surgery has been the ultimate option to remove gallstones; however here we discuss some of the effective non surgical ways to get rid of gallstones.

Natural Treating Options for Gallbladder Stones

Surgical removal of the gallstones is quite common and you may also opt for the laser removal. But you may also want to consider natural remedies that go a long way in curing gallstones. Some are:

  • Herbs like dandelion and milk thistle contain bitter components like taraxacin and silymarin which aid bile production. You can consume them in as tea, steam them or have them raw. This will increase the production of bile, reduce its concentration and help to flush them out.
  • Rosemary also enhances bile production and reduces spasms that can occur in the bile duct. It also helps to cut down the fat content.
  • Oregon grape helps in blood circulation in the liver and increases bile production. You can mix it with chamomile, slippery elm and marshmallow to make a tea that is effective in this case.
  • Try having concentrated mint oil capsules that help in breaking down the stones.
  • Like Rosemary, there is wild yam that helps in blood circulation and bile production.
  • You can also partake of sugarcane juice, lemon juice, barley water, and tomato juice to combat this health issue.
  • Turmeric goes a long way in curing jaundice that is a reflection if gallstones.

Never work on a hunch regarding this health issue. You must consult a doctor at the first place to know the intensity of the disorder and how much essential it is to remove these stones at the earliest; as these natural remedies are undoubtedly effective but also time consuming and depends on individuals on how long it will take to react.

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