How Is Sweating Good For Health?

Sweating may not be the most pleasant of things, nor the most socially admired bodily processes, however it is good for our bodies’ health in a variety of ways and performs a lot of functions for the body that we don’t really realize.

Sweat may be smelly and not mentioned in polite company but there are many reasons that we should work up a sweat:

  • The body sweats to regulate its temperature. When the temperature of the body raises either due to hot climate or due to exertion of the body, the natural response of the body; sweating will bring down the temperature of the body, cooling it and preventing it from overheating. It is the body’s chief way of maintaining homeostasis.
  • Sweating also is the body’s way of getting rid of wastes and toxins from within the body. Environmental pollution, waste build up within the body from what we eat is also required to be expelled, in which sweating is useful.
  • It has also been found that this flushing out of waste matter from the body causes the body to produce beneficial hormones.

So use the deodorants by all means, but don’t grudge the sweat; it’s really good for you!