Men Have More ‘Senior Moments’ Than Women

According to the recent research, women are less likely to suffer from memory lapses or have a so called ‘Senior Moment’ than men.

In a recently conducted study, it was found that among men aged between the ages 70 and 89, 19% had mild cognitive impairment. On the other hand, only 15% women had the condition.

Mild cognitive impairment is characterized by episodes of forgetfulness and problems with remembering, but in general, people are able to carry on with everyday activities. The condition occupies a middle ground –somewhere between normal forgetfulness and dementia.

The results of the study were surprising because Alzheimer’s disease is more common among women than men, which is preceded by this sort of mental decline.

The researchers came to the conclusion that men were 50% more likely to have mild cognitive impairment than women, which is surprising because traditionally women are seen to be more at risk than men.

This kind of cognitive impairment does not always lead to dementia, but it does make it a major risk factor for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.