Neck Lift: Know about the Non Surgical Ways

There are many cosmetic options available to improve the appearance and the shape of your neck without any painful incision or surgery. Some neck issues that can hamper your look are excess or sagging skin; accumulation of neck fat or too lean neck as compared to the body shape. These issues occur due to the deformation of the muscles at the neck region that are sometimes sagging and separate in the midline, thereby giving an unusual look.

know about the neck lift non surgical ways

When do you Need a Neck Lift? 

When you are in your youthful days, between the age group from 15 to 35; the skin and the underlying Platysma muscle is tightly attached to the deeper neck structures that lie under the skin. This form like a straight line from chin to neck and gets blended at the base of the neck, thereby showing a sharp acute contour.

However, with age, you skin starts to loosen up and sag and the neck contour loses its perfect shape. This is because the muscle loosens and looks like visible pillars of fat accumulated both over the muscle and under the Platysma muscle. The muscle sags even more if not treated and the angle acuity and the contour are gradually lost. This is when you might seek for options to get a neck lift. 

There are many non-surgical options for neck lift which are effective and safe, however, there are certain things that need to be considered.


Kybella is a new FDA-approved injectable treatment that works to dissolve excess fat in the neck-chin region and improve the look of submental fullness of a face, commonly referred to as a double chin. This does not leave behind any scars and need only few sittings.


If loose skin is also an issue, non-invasive treatment processes such as Ultherapy, ThermiRF or a combination procedure unique to a practice called Ulthermi Fusion can be very beneficial.

Laser Neck Lift

This is a non surgical and safe option suitable for patients who have fatty pockets and small amounts of loose skin in and around the neck. The best part of this treatment is that you hardly need 30 minutes time and no ugly scars are left on the neck skin. Both men and women undergoes this process to get rid of “Turkey Neck” or “Double Chin”. The process helps to tighten and remove small fatty deposits and thus improve the appearance of the surrounding skin.

Pelleve and Alma Harmony’s Skin Tightening and Neck Lift Treatment

These two technologies if combined, they can fade away mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines occurring on the neck. To go ahead with neck lift procedure, this non surgical method can treat mild skin sagging or laxity. The process requires minimal invasion and are performed without any need for anesthesia.

Botox Neck Lift

Time honoured technique for neck lift, this non surgical, cosmetic injection can reduce and even eliminate forehead wrinkles and also the trouble of sagging necklines.

Botox neck lift is done by the active ingredient onabotulinumtoxinA that is injected into specific muscles in the neck. They block the nerve receptors thereby restricting the nerve impulses to reach the muscle. This controlled relaxation of muscles reduces the sagging and also wrinkles.

Thus depending upon your requirements you can opt for one or combination of these methods.