Side Effects of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Alopecia is one hair problem that both men and women suffer from equally. There are various medical treatments in the recent times that have been developed to treat hair problems like alopecia. However, non-surgical hair replacement does not only mean the euphemism of wigs in today’s world. The term includes a vast range of hair replacement options without surgery which provide a solution to male-pattern baldness. This article takes a detailed look into the procedure and side effects of non surgical hair replacements that could affect a person who has undergone the procedure.Side Effects of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


Recent medical research has proved that non-surgical hair replacement techniques do not always mean wearing wigs. It involves techniques which are far more natural, subtle and convenient to live with.

The technique involves application of a light and thin membrane on the scalp which will be infused with real human hair. The attachment of the membrane is done with the scalp and woven with the existing hair to give a very natural effect.

The membrane allows perfect matching with the existing hair in respect to density, colour and direction. This allows the scalp to be bonded with the existing hair thus letting you carry it with confidence even while playing sports.

Probable Side-effects of Non-surgical Replacement

Even though non-surgical hair replacement suits many people and is also convenient to undergo, however it too has certain drawbacks.

  • This procedure requires continuous maintenance to keep the natural effect intact. In case of a haircut, it is not possible to go to a barber shop and get it done. What is required is to revisit the clinic, have the membrane removed and trim the existing strands of hair. Certain situations may also demand restructuring of the hair in the membrane in case it requires any compensation.
  • It is logical that the membrane might wear out with time and require a replacement. Certain people who choose specific type of hair membrane may also need to use specialised products for its maintenance.
  • The cost gets added up from the initial stage of the procedure to the stages of maintenance. It is not a onetime investment. Therefore, people undergoing this non-surgical hair replacement should always remember that the whole expenditure does not get over at the primary stage. In order to keep the natural effect, the ongoing spending by the person must also go on.

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