Circumcision Home Care Tips

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that is done in some cultures as part of the manhood routine and is normally done during the teenage years of life.

There are complications arising out of this procedure, including but not limited to inflammation, infection and fever.

You as the mother should know what to do to minimize the complications and to make healing speedy.

Here’s what you should do after the surgical circumcision:

  1. Expect swelling for the next several days or weeks, depending on the healing process and your progress in management. To lessen the swelling, lukewarm water with mild disinfectant like betadine cleanser can be used to clean the surgical wound.
  2. It might surprise you to see the head of the penis looking raw and red; this is but natural, so don’t worry. The objective is to prevent infection to set in by doing proper daily cleansing.
  3. It is also expected that the child may feel some pain while urinating. This can be taken care of by giving him pain relievers; a small amount of blood may also stain his underpants, which is also normal.
  4. Stitches need not be removed after the surgery as they will be absorbed by the skin.
  5. To avoid skin irritation on the surgical site, Vaseline dressing or gauze may be used to prevent it. It is important to let your child wear his underpants for support. Removing the gauze may be a little tricky as they sometimes cling to the skin, try removing it after soaking it with the betadine wash.
  6. Daily bath is not prohibited as long as the wound is properly taken care of to avoid infection.
  7. Be sure to keep a list of all the medications your child needs to take and be sure to give them at the right time and duration especially the antibiotics as they will prevent infection to set in. Prescription of medication may include pain relievers, anti-pyretics and antibiotics.
  8. Fever is normally observed within the first 24 hours after surgery, but, if it is beyond that it could be a sign of impending infection. You may have to call your health provider for further instructions.
  9. Heavy physical activities should be avoided for a week or two as this may cause bleeding. It is best to resume physical activity after complete healing and clearance from your health care provider.
  10. It is important to keep the date of your follow up check up in mind, to ensure that healing and recovery is fast and as supposed to be.

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