Cochlear Implants To Solve Your Deafness Problem

If you are suffering with serious hearing problem or deafness, cochlear implants really help you to solve your hearing problem.

Cochlear implant is a small device that provides electrical stimulation directly to the auditory nerve. If you are profoundly deaf or severely have problem with hearing, you can use this device.

The implant mainly consists of an outer portion that sits easily behind your ear and an internal portion that is placed surgically under the skin.

However, a cochlear implant doesn’t restore your normal hearing, but it can give you sufficient representation of sounds in the environment. It helps you to understand the speech.

How different is cochlear implant from other hearing aids?

Unlike other hearing aids, it bypasses damaged portions of the ear [Ear Infection] and directly stimulates your auditory nerve. Generated signals by the cochlear implant are sent through auditory nerve to brain, which recognizes the signals as sounds.

You can notice lot of difference in hearing through cochlear implants from normal hearing. It takes some time for you to learn and habituate to hearing through implants.

However, it can help you significantly in recognizing the warning signs and understand other sounds in the environment.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Adults and even children who are deaf or facing severe problem with hearing can use cochlear implants. It is generally agreed by many experts that adult patients who have had limited benefit from other hearing aids and have severe to intense deafness or hearing problem in both ears can use these specific implants.

Any person who doesn’t have any other medical problems that would make surgery a risky task can also use cochlear implants for their hearing problems.

During the recovery period after surgery, you may experience very few side effects, which can mainly include temporary swelling, pain, changes in taste, inflammation, bleeding, etc. If you are facing any other painful side effects, immediately consult your physician and get right treatment to alleviate the pain.

With the advancements in science and technology, researchers are evaluating how cochlear implants can be effectively used for other hearing problems. So, probably you can get more benefits from cochlear implants in future.