Prostatitis Treatment – Effective Ways To Relieve Your Prostate

Did you know that some men suffer from diseases that are only distinct to the male gender? Perhaps the most common of these diseases is prostatitis.

A man’s prostate gland serves a lot of purposes but if an inflammation of the said organ have started to inflamed, then you could be in a lot of trouble especially if it is characterized by perineal pain and constant urination.

Prostatitis can even go worse if it is accompanied by fevers and chills. Common among middle-aged men, it can either be acute or non-bacterial.

Luckily, there are treatments available for prostatitis. They depend largely on the kind of prostatitis you have. Here are some possible prostatitis treatments:

Acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis treatment

Antibiotics: Prostatitis treatments come in the form of injectable antibiotics. Keep your fingers crossed though, because your doctor might request for your confinement.

If your condition has improved, prostatitis treatment will be through oral antibiotics. Your patience will really be tested since treatment usually lasts for about two weeks to a month.

Alpha blocker therapy: This is given as a form of prostatitis treatment because they lessen the symptoms by relaxing the bladder neck and the muscle fibers.

Surgery: Suppose any of the above prostatitis treatment is not effective? Sadly, a surgery will be recommended to remove the prostate.

Treatment for non-bacterial prostatitis

Balloon dilation: This procedure involves the widening of the narrowed urethra by placing a collapsed balloon where there is obstruction thereby expanding it. But, beware because its effects are only temporary in nature.

Muscle relaxants, special exercises and tranquilizers. A combination of these treatments is applicable for prostatitis patients who are already suffering from prostatodynia.

Natural treatments for prostatitis

Worried about the side effects of antibiotics? Put those worries aside and learn more about naturopathic prostatitis treatment such as “prostate drainage”. This popular prostatitis treatment begins with the doctor inserting a finger into the rectum.

Its purpose is to bring out pressure on the prostate simultaneously with the giving of antibiotic. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Relieving Early Symptoms of Prostatitis

Any other kind of illness brings with it stress and discomfort to the patient. Here are some helpful tips on how to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis:

1. Hot and steamy bath. Who does not love a hot bath after a long day’s work? It does wonders too if you have prostatitis. Taking hot baths by exposing the perineum helps relieve the pain. If it does not help, try ice packs. Start by placing a small ice cube in the rectum for longer relief.
2. Water power. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Oftentimes, dehydration causes infection.
3. Drinking rich in caffeine is absolutely a sin. Avoid caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee and tea. Cut down on intake of spicy foods as well. Avoid getting constipated as large bowel may press on the swollen prostate. This may cause great pain. Instead, eat plenty of fiber-enriched foods such as wheat, grains, fruits and vegetables.
4. Spend time to exercise. Chronic prostatitis requires a patient to keep up their activity level. Hit the road and run those extra miles.