How Air Travel May Be Bad For Your Health?

Too impatient to take the train? Or bothered to drive yourself? Well if you prefer to always fly wherever you go, there could be health risks involved in flying:

  • Air Turbulence can pose a risk and can be responsible for incidents ranging from head trauma to broken bones! So if they tell you to keep your seatbelt on, there are many reasons to listen.
  • Luggage falling from the overhead bins and lockers can pose another injury risk. Not just cuts and bruises but more serious head injuries and trauma could result from this particularly due to over sized carryon luggage that some people insist on carting along.
  • The full body scanners that you are subject to in the name of security, before you board the flight could pose a skin cancer risk because of the radiation.
  • The pressurized air in the cabin could turn toxic due to a toxin found tin modern jet oil fuel and could cause drowsiness, headaches, respiratory problems or even in some extreme cases, neurological illnesses. And contamination of the cabin air is commoner than we may think.
  • The enclosed space with so many individuals cramped together for hours on end could mean spread of all sorts of infections, viruses and bacteria.
  • Ear damage occurring from the change in pressure is also not uncommon: pain, bleeding and even a ruptured ear drum could result.
  • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism could result from long periods of immobility and sitting in cramped spaces.