How You Can Easily Knock Down Saturated Fat?

Obesity has become an alarming problem for most individuals. Blame it on their eating habits or lifestyle; many people are dealing with the unwanted fat stored in the body, which pose a greater health risk. It has therefore been recommended innumerable times to reduce the fat consumption. Studies show that saturated fat consumption poses an immense risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

In a recent study by the Norway researchers, suggested that fat and especially saturated fat does not pose dietary disaster and they experimented with middle-aged men for three months. Two groups were divided with one having high fat, low carb diet and other low fat, high carb diet. With this experiment, the researchers aimed that people with high-fat diet will receive energy from the food.

After waiting for 3months, it was seen people who were put on saturated fat diet gained more energy from the fat than the other group. However, at the end, the result was almost same for both the groups. It was seen that all these people were exposed to a greater risk of incurring blood sugar, blood pressure, and triglycerides.

How You Can Easily Knock Down Saturated Fat?

How Risky Is It to an Eat Saturated Fat?

After the result of the above research became known, Ottar Nygard, a cardiologist, stated that the higher intake of saturated fat did not accelerate cardiovascular ailment. Further, bad LDL cholesterol did not rise, and on the contrary, the HCL cholesterol went up.

However, another group of scientists claimed that the benefit of saturated fat had been highly exaggerated, and for the general health benefit of the people, its consumption must be reduced. People should be discouraged from consumed processed food and flour-based products, or sugar items.

Ways to cut down the saturated fat:

  • Reduce consumption of sugar and fast food:

If you wish to have an hourglass figure, it is for your benefit to take a look at your everyday diet. Too much of processed food can accumulate the excess fat in your body and make you unhealthy.  Foods, which are rich in Saturated fat leads to weight gain and the fat gets stored in different parts of our body. Thus, keep a check on your diet and include more amounts of dietary fiber and fat-free food in the list. Fiber enriched food will help in increasing your body metabolism and aid in breaking down the fat.

  • Avoid consuming vitamins:

If you are not advised by a doctor, then avoid consuming vitamins on your own to revitalize your lost energy. It is seen that an increase in the consumption of Vitamin B capsules leads to higher chances of diabetes and obesity. It is seen that overdosing of the vitamin can trigger the fat genes and store more fat.

  • Avoid eating canned food:

Many of us are more inclined towards consuming canned food. There are tasty and easy to cook but contains a high amount of salt and sugar in it. They are rich in calories and lead to increase in your blood pressure and diabetes level.  Another component, Bisphenol-A is also found in canned food. This element is usually used for making plastic softer and is sometimes present as a thin film on the canned food container. When it comes in contact with the human body, it can have an epigenetic effect.

  • Exercise daily:

There is no other easier mode of breaking down saturated fat than conducting an exercise. It is seen that after undergoing strenuous workout session, people have experienced reduced body weight and increased metabolic rate. Besides, morning walk can also do wonders. Studies show that people who are directly exposed to sunlight between 8 am in the morning and noontime are at a lesser risk of weight gain than others, irrespective of your diet and physical activities. This is because sunlight directly synchronizes with your body’s metabolic rate and burns down the excess fat.

  • Redeem your antibiotic consumption:

The good bacteria present in our gut play an important role in checking the amount of stored fat by triggering the dietary fibers and creating short-chain fatty acids like butyrate. This helps in checking weight gain and blood sugar level. But with every dose of antibiotic the function of gut bacteria gets disrupted and we experience weight gain.