5 Surprising HIV AIDS Facts

Believe it or not but the figures are alarming! HIV is everywhere and it’s taking its toll on us. It’s time we have to do something. Now is the best opportunity to heed the call for the fight against this pandemic.

When it was discovered in 1984, different medical and worldwide organizations have released very important HIV AIDS facts which served as a guide to everyone.

For one, it is a very pressing public health issue that affects not only those infected but practically everybody.

You heard it right; you and I are not spared from getting AIDS.

Thus, it is important that we should be cognizant of the different HIV AIDS facts to be able to understand the symptoms and how to avoid getting it. Here are some of them:

1. You can get HIV through bodily exchange of fluids

Perhaps the most common of all HIV AIDS facts is acquiring the disease through blood transfusion, breastfeeding, semen and vaginal secretions. This is usually transmitted during an unsafe and casual sex.

To truly ascertain if a person has AIDS, doctors advise for the patient to abstain from having unprotected sexual intercourse over the period of six months because the manifestation is not immediate.

2. HIV is not transmitted through the skin

Among the list of HIV AIDS facts that should be emphasized is that one does not acquire AIDS by holding hands, kissing or touching of skin. Of course, you can kiss all you want and hold hands overnight without AIDS getting under your skin. That’s the better side of it.

3. AIDS does not necessarily mean death

One of the most frustrating HIV AIDS facts is the need for a cure. In spite of the advent of technology and intensive medical researches, the least that can be offered to treat this deadly disease is by giving antiretroviral treatment.

The medicine works to prolong before the HIV infection can lead to the onset of AIDS. It is noteworthy to mention that people who are under this kind of treatment could even live their lives without developing AIDS. For sure, it’s definitely not the end of the world.

4. 25 million people have already died of the disease

This quite amazing HIV AIDS facts revealed that of these figures, about 14 million children have already been orphaned. AIDS patients in Africa do not regularly receive treatment because of poor funding from their national governments.

5. Many are still unaware of AIDS

In spite of aggressive worldwide awareness campaigns by AIDS advocates, basic HIV AIDS facts are not rightfully delivered to people of poorer countries. These are not made accessible to them and sometimes, they have very little knowledge of the disease or none at all.

Have you checked on the internet for AIDS updates lately? Well, it’s flooded with HIV AIDS facts readily available in just one click of a mouse.

On the contrary however, the figures and the mortality rates keep on increasing. No decrease in the figures has been recorded from the time it was discovered in the early 80s.