Prostatitis: Most Common Inflammation That Can Affect Only Men!

Prostatitis is the most common infection which can affect almost 50% of men at any age.

It is the most common urological disorder in men over the age of 50.

So, it is very important for you to know more about this inflammation in order to avoid serious urological complications.

Prostatitis: This inflammation in your prostate gland mainly disturbs the functioning of the prostate gland. This gland mainly helps to produce fluid called semen, which is used to nourish and transport sperm.

Is prostatitis the only disorder of the prostate gland?

There is more than one type of prostatitis which can affect prostate gland. The four major disorders of prostatitis which can infect your prostate gland include:

Chronic bacterial prostatitis: This is the condition mainly associated with persistent prostatitis and underlying defect in the prostate gland. This is relatively most uncommon inflammation, which is mainly caused due to persistent bacterial infection in the urinary tract. The symptoms which you can experience if you have this type of infection include, low back pain, uneasiness in the perineum area and if the infection spreads to the bladder, then you can experience burning sensation on urination.

Acute bacterial prostatitis: This is also most uncommon among the four types of this urological disorder. It is very easy to diagnose and can be treated effectively. If you have this condition, then you can experience low back pain, fever, chills and urgent need to urinate more frequently, especially at nights.

Nonbacterial prostatitis: This is the most common of all the urological infections. It is believed to occur eight times more than other types of bacterial prostatitis. This chronic and painful condition is very common in most of the men of any age and the symptoms associated with this type are not persistent and can come back at any time without warning signs.

Prostatodynia: This is very similar to nonbacterial prostatitis when compared with the symptoms and ineffectiveness of the treatment. However, there are no intentional findings such as presence of infection in the urinary tract. This is also the most common urological disorder which can take place in all ages of men.

These are the major types associated with this urological inflammation. Take suggestion from your doctor immediately when you notice the signs of the inflammation and avoid the adverse effects of the prostatitis.