How Lack Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy Can Cause Spina Bifida?

It is very essential for pregnant women to maintain a balanced diet with more nutrients and minerals.

Most of the birth defects in children are due to lack of essential nutrients during pregnancy [Prenatal vitamins].

Spina bifida is one of the neural tube defects which mainly affects the spinal cord of new born baby.

The neural tube is that embryonic structure, which ultimately develops into your baby’s brain and spinal cord and also the tissues which usually surround these important parts.

Under normal circumstances, this neural tube is developed in the early days or during the first month of your pregnancy.

Later the topmost part of this neural tube develops into brain of your unborn baby and the rest of the tube becomes the spinal cord of the baby. If your body lacks certain essential nutrients and minerals like folic acid, then there are chances for the spine to get split up resulting in spina bifida.

What is the importance of folic acid in the development of spina bifida?

Folic acid is a B-vitamin that your body essentially needs in making new healthy cells. If you have enough folic acid in your body before pregnancy or even during your pregnancy, it can possibly reduce the neural tube defects like spina bifida in your baby. It is very essential for you to take 400mg of folic acid daily in the food you take.

Now-a-days, folic acid is available in many forms like chewable chocolates, fruit flavors or liquids and also in the form of small round or large oval shape pills. So, try to take any of these forms of folic acid at least when you are pregnant, in order to protect your baby from spina bifida.

Is there any treatment for spina bifida?

Yes, there are certain treatments for spina bifida depending on the severity of the condition. Many children with this disorder don’t require any treatment. But, if the child is affected with meningocele, it requires surgical removal of the cyst and it makes the child to live with little disability.

Don’t ever think of the treatment; just try to avoid the condition to happen by taking proper precautionary steps. When you are confirmed that you are pregnant, talk to your doctor and know more about how to avoid these neural tube defects in your baby and give your baby a healthy life.