Low Testosterone – How To Identify It?

Low testosterone is something that one associate with andropause or male menopause, which happens with age, however, low testosterone levels, can also be experienced otherwise and an estimated 50 million men may have low testosterone.

Men in their 30s and 40s also experience untimely low testosterone levels. This is not a very clearly identifiable phenomenon, because it is generally expected that this is a malaise of older men.

Testosterone is basically the male hormone (though women produce it as well) that produces sperm and is responsible for male libido.

It is also responsible for the characteristics that we associate with men; those of being big, strong and hairy.

In fact, it is this ability of testosterone to offer bigger muscles that causes many athletes to take steroids containing testosterone.

Low testosterone could be the basis for several problems and it is important to look for the warning signs from among these following symptoms:

  • One of the first signs of suffering from low testosterone levels would be a grumpy disposition and feelings of agitation. One talks about a grumpy old man, which may be sign of low testosterone as well as resentment about not being as vital or able as one previously was. Mood disturbances may be experienced along with feelings of agitation and irritability.
  • Erectile dysfunction or a waning libido, and lack of interest in sex could cause several problems of self esteem as well as relationship problems for men, and it could be due to something as simple as low hormone levels.
  • Fatigue or tiredness is another feature of low testosterone because it also means that a man is suffering from low energy levels.
  • Gaining or maintaining musculature is also difficult when one has low testosterone levels. Equally a man may feel weakness, and a feeling of strength being at low ebb.
  • Many men suffer from sleep disturbances or difficulty getting to sleep.
  • Concentrating on tasks could be a problem
  • Memory lapses could also be a problem
  • The healing process of the body could also be impaired to an extent

It is important to be aware of the fact that low testosterone levels are nothing to be ashamed of and there is no reason to not to seek medical help and attention if you suspect that this could be the problem.

It is a fact that this is a problem that is generally highly underreported, currently only about 5% men coming forward to get treatment for this problem.