Have You Ever Heard About Male Menopause?

Have you ever noticed your father or brother suffering with night sweats? It is so because they might be suffering with male menopause.

Like women, men with menopause behave strangely in their late ages and seem lethargic. Not only women, even men are also considered as sufferers of hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal changes play an important role in aging of men, but male menopause cannot be the accurate description for these changes.

Unlike women, hormonal changes in men take place gradually, over a period of years and the effects of these hormonal changes are subtle and can be noticed much later in their lives.

Some of the males never get affected with lower hormone levels while some can have physical and emotional symptoms, which include changes in energy levels and also in sexual functions.

Role of testosterone in male menopause:

Male menopause is some times described as andropause, which implies lower levels of testosterone in a man’s body. It is not sure that all men go through this phase and the exact reason why only some persons experience andropause is still unknown.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone which is mainly responsible for creating and releasing of sperm and also provides muscular strength for all men. It is also responsible for initiating sexual desire in men.

Usually these hormone levels remain healthy, but some of the men can experience a drastic decline of testosterone levels by the time they reach 40 years of age. As they reach 50 years, most of the men experience a significant fall in the levels of testosterone and a variety of uncomfortable conditions like male menopause.

Does andropause actually refer to male menopause?

The symptoms associated with male menopause are not quite similar to menopause in women. Female menopause is usually involved with total reduction in sex hormones.

During menopause, you can experience reduction in estrogen levels associated with complete loss of fertility where as men can never experience infertility and they can be able to produce testosterone when they reach even 80 years of age [Cause for infertility in men].

For this particular reason, it is quite not sure whether andropause should be referred to male menopause or not.

These are certain effects of hormonal changes experienced by only some of the men during their late ages. It is very important for men to know, the changes that take place in their bodies and also the effects of those changes in order to be healthy.