Smoking And Obesity Is A Dangerous Combination For Men

Obesity in teenagers is as hazardous to their lives in the same manner as smoking.

Researchers say that clinically obese young lads have been reported to run a high risk of premature deaths.

They were able to conclude this after a 38 year long monitoring of more than 50,000 men.

Although studies have said that obese smokers run an even higher risk of early deaths, they haven’t yet found out the combined risk of smoking and obesity causing greater health risks.

Martin Neovius, who carried out this research, says that we should start campaigning against tobacco highlighting obesity as the main side effect. Most obese men are not even aware that being obese is as harmful as smoking 11 cigarettes each day.

The clinical definition of being overweight is having a body-mass index of more than 24, whereas that of obesity is more than 29.

You run a one third risk of dying an early death if you are overweight at the tender age of 18, and the risk doubles up if you are obese at that age.

This risk exponentially increases as you start smoking, with chain smokers dying extremely early compared to their statistical life expectancy.

Studies have also figured out that seriously underweight smokers also run the same level of risk of premature death as compared to obese smokers, and the risk goes up the curve with each pack of cigarettes they light up.